Customized Precision Parts Manufacturer in China

Quality Assurance

Reco is a professional manufacturer with 15 years of rich experience in machining. The machines list of RECO METAL as following:

1.     High End Intelligent CNC Machining Center ——10pcs,there are 4 pcs were machined for bigger parts, the longest machined length is 1.2m.  

2.     High Precision CNC Turning Machine ——2pcs. 

3.     CNC Milling Machine —— 6pcs.

4.     Sodick Slow-Feeding Wire Cut Machine —— 2pcs.

5.     Sodick EDM Machine —— 2pcs.

6.     Grinding Machine —— 4pcs.

7.     Large Water Mill —— 4pcs, it was used for the big parts(800x450x400mm).

Quality Control Equipments:

8.     3DCMM —— 1pcs .

9.     2DCMM —— 1pcs. 

10.   Tesa Automatic Height Gauge —— 1pcs . 

11.    Optical Projector —— 1pcs . 

12.   Salt Spray Test  —— 1pcs .

13.   Rockwell Hardometer  —— 1pcs.

With our rich experiences, high precision machining machine and inspection equipments, we will make all of our parts specifications requirements to be under control strictly.
We make the part according to you requests and drawings confirmed and drawing before production. If anything we had done wrong, we remake for you free of charge. Let's be a good and longterm business partner as soon as possible.

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