Customized Precision Parts Manufacturer in China

Our Team

Under the long-term effective leadership of our over 10 senior management personnel, over 20 production and technical 

personnel with more than 15 years of working experience are responsible for 10 high-precision 3-axis and 4-axis CNC milling 
machines workshop, including 3 T600 Models, 6 large T856S models and 1 T1260 oversized model.

In addition, there 
are 2 more precise CNC turning machines, 6 Milling machines, 5 Grinding machines, and 4 Sodick EDM machines for efficient production of daily orders. At the same time, we also have 7 quality control personnel with 10 years of working experience using our high-precision 3DCMM, 2DCMM, Tesa Automatic Height Gauge, Optical Projector, Rockwell Hardometer and other related 
testing equipment to carry out strict sampling and full inspection work on the parts we produce.

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